Mission Statement

Hello friends. Thank you for being here. The mission of this website is to help everyone who is willing to become enlightened through knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This is what is known as The Trivium. I will go over the fundamentals of Natural Law (God’s Law) and explain how we may use Natural Law to find ourselves and our creator. We are all beings of light, love and gratitude. This is the true image of our creator in which we were created. This is our true essence and it is what I hope to promote here.

Our world is under attack physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually! I intend to share with you my knowledge of the things I have come to understand in my research of the esoteric reality of our creator. I choose to refer to the pure consciousness, that is light, love and gratitude, as God. I do not intend to change anyone’s beliefs, I simply hope to shed light on information that many have never heard of and light the blue flame of the soul within each of us who desires to find Truth. Ultimately, I wish for everyone who visits this website to become inspired to do your own research, pray to God that you will find Truth and spread the Truth with the divine light of our creator.

I have come to know and understand that the only real currency in our reality is time and attention. Spend your time and pay attention wisely. Thank you fellow Truth seekers.
Much Love.